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Find duplicate files locally and remotely
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Harald Judt <>
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To install this package from Emacs, use package-install or list-packages.

Full description

1. Description

This Emacs package helps to find duplicate files on local and remote filesystems. It is similar to the fdupes command-line utility but written in Emacs Lisp and should also work on every remote filesystem that TRAMP supports. The most common use case for this is probably finding and deleting unneeded duplicate files.

dired-duplicates works by first searching files of the same size, then invoking the calculation of the checksum for these files, and finally presenting the grouped results in a Dired buffer that the user can work with similarly to a regular Dired buffer. It might be even possible to combine this with other Dired extension packages like dired-narrow for increased productivity.

By default, the results will be grouped visually by separating them using empty lines, but this grouping can also be deactivated by setting the custom variable dired-duplicates-separate-result to nil.

dired-duplicates will silently ignore unreadable directories and files, and also unregular files, such as sockets.

2. Requirements

For performance reasons, a checksum program like md5 or sha256sum will be used for generating checksums of file contents if available and executable on the local and/or remote hosts. That way, no files need to be read over possibly slow networks, thus calculating the checksum will be much faster when directly executed on remote hosts. The name of the checksum program can be customized. If unavailable, the file contents will be inserted into a temp buffer and the checksum will be calculated using the secure-hash functions with an appropriate algorithm. While this works everywhere, it is generally slower and could cause out-of-memory problems so there is a customizable dired-duplicates-internal-checksumming-size-limit setting. Files bigger than this setting will not be processed, and a warning will be issued instead.

3. Installation

The package can be installed from MELPA or GNU ELPA via the Emacs package manager, e.g. package-install. Or you use the following use-package snippet:

(use-package dired-duplicates)

4. Usage

Call dired-duplicates interactively using M-x and provide one or more directories to search in recursively. If not customized otherwise, the key shortcut M-n usually gets you the default directory in the minibuffer prompt. For some completion systems like vertico and depending on how it is set up, remember to hit M-RET to confirm the completion if you are not at the end of the line.

If you provide a prefix, using C-u M-x dired-duplicates, then this behaves similar but will search for files which do NOT have any duplicates. This might be more helpful than listing all the duplicate files when comparing directories that have mostly the same contents except a few files.

5. Configuration

You can find all available customization options with customize-group, entering dired-duplicates for the desired group. These options are described extensively there.

6. Reporting bugs

If checksumming or accessing a file fails, it should be reported in the minibuffer (interrupting the operation), or in the Messages buffer.

Just open an issue at the homepage of this project in case you hit an error that you think should not happen, but please provide proper steps to reproduce the problem.

7. License

This package is licensed under GPL-3. See the LICENSE file for more information.

Old versions

dired-duplicates- KiB
dired-duplicates- KiB
dired-duplicates- KiB
dired-duplicates- KiB
dired-duplicates- KiB


1. dired-duplicates-0.4 [2024-03-28 Thu]

  • New feature: Inverse search. Find files that have no duplicates.
  • Show checksumming progress in more detail.
  • Use read-file-name instead of internal completion function.
  • Use multiple prompts for directories instead of completing-read-multiple.
  • Expand and deduplicate dir names before starting comparison.
  • Only compare and checksum regular files, e.g. prevent checksumming sockets which will not work and would be useless anyway.

2. dired-duplicates-0.3 [2023-11-14 Tue]

  • Silently ignore subdirectories that cannot be read, so that finding files will not abort on directories the user does not have permissions to read like lost+found.
  • Silently ignore files that cannot be read.
  • Add file.

3. dired-duplicates-0.2 [2023-11-09 Thu]

  • Use internal hash functions when remote shell or the external checksumming command is not available.
  • Improve status update messages.
  • First release on GNU ELPA.

4. dired-duplicates-0.1 (only released on MELPA)