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plz-event-source provides a plz-media-type, a parser and an event source implementation for the Server Sent Event (SSE) protocol. It is used in the LLM library to handle server sent events.

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1 Installation


plz-event-source is available in GNU ELPA. It may be installed in Emacs using the package-install command.

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2 Usage

This library provides the plz-event-source:text/event-stream class, which is a media type implementation for server sent events. It should be used with the plz-media-type-request function of the plz-media-type library.

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2.1 Examples

The following example shows how to request chat completions from a large language model.

  'post ""
  :as `(media-types ((text/event-stream
                      . ,(plz-event-source:text/event-stream
                          :events `((open . (lambda (event)
                                              (message "open: %s" event)))
                                    (message . (lambda (event)
                                                 (message "message: %s" event)))
                                    (close . (lambda (event)
                                               (message "close: %s" event))))))))
  :body (json-encode
         '(("model" . "gpt-3.5-turbo")
           ("messages" . [(("role" . "system")
                           ("content" . "You are an assistant."))
                          (("role" . "user")
                           ("content" . "Hello"))])
           ("stream" . t)))
  :headers `(("Authorization" . ,(format "Bearer %s"
                                          :host ""
                                          :user "plz-event-source")))
             ("Content-Type" . "application/json")))

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3 Credits

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4 License