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play GNU Go in a buffer
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Full description

This directory contains gnugo.el and other files.
These work w/ GNU Go:

and any other program that speaks the Go Text Protocol.

Old versions

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NEWS for gnugo.el (et al)
See the end for copying conditions.

NB: "RCS: X..Y " means that the particular release includes
    changes in the RCS repo, revision 1.X through 1.Y (inclusive).

- 3.1.2 | 2021-12-19
  - improved scoring seed randomization (patch by Paul Eggert)
  - new var: ‘gnugo-imgen-char-height-fudge-factor’

- 3.1.1 | 2020-10-24
  - bugfix: use ‘cursor-intangible-mode’ properly
  - new func: gnugo-imgen-fit-window-height/no-grid-bottom
  - more docstrings

- 3.1.0 | 2017-02-17
  - THANKS file includes pre-ELPA people
  - bugfix: refresh no longer clobbers dead-group indication
  - echo area messages (normal and error) more conventional
  - ‘C’ (gnugo-comment) defaults to root node if no played stone at point
  - ‘C-c C-p’ (gnugo-describe-internal-properties) output more spacious
  - ‘C-u F’ (gnugo-display-final-score) stores additional SGF properties
    - ‘TB’ -- Black Territory
    - ‘TW’ -- White Territory
    - ‘MA’ -- Mark (to indicate seki stones)
    - ‘DD’ -- Dim Points (to indicate dead stones)
  - game-over seki groups (if any) indicated on board
  - changes to programming interface
    - dropped data structures (unused => NOT backward-incompatible)
      - ‘gnugo-board-mode-syntax-table’
      - ‘gnugo-board-mode-abbrev-table’
    - game-over "group" formalized: ‘((CPROP [OVERLAY[...]]) POS[...])’
    - game-over data includes seki groups
    - ‘gnugo-goto-pos’ returns buffer position
    - new abstraction: ‘gnugo-aqr’

- 3.0.2 | 2017-02-05
  - portability fix (Emacs 25.1): use Cursor Intangible mode, if available
  - verse meter fix (for those who read source code)
  - new THANKS file

- 3.0.1 | 2017-01-15
  - cleaner quoting in docstrings
  - portabilty fixes (Emacs 25.1)

- 3.0.0 | 2014-07-22
  - bugfixes
    - on write, use ‘\’ to escape certain chars
    - preserve whitespace for value type ‘text’
    - don't special-case property value type ‘none’
    - handle subtrees on write
    - display "resign" as "resign" in move history (amazing!)
    - avoid clobbering SGF property ‘EV’ on resignation
    - follow main line in subtrees on read
    - for ‘F’ forced PASS moves, keep subproc informed as well
    - proper support for ‘-l FILENAME’ / ‘--infile FILENAME’
  - dropped support for ‘gnugo-program’ of form "PROGRAM OPTIONS..."
  - dropped command: ‘t’ (gnugo-toggle-dead-group)
  - changes to ‘gnugo-xpms’
    - now a normal var, and not a feature
    - value can be a function to compute XPMs
  - ‘gnugo-image-display-mode’ replaces ‘gnugo-toggle-image-display-command’
  - ‘gnugo-grid-mode’ replaces ‘gnugo-toggle-grid’
  - PASS for SZ <= 19 normalized to "" on read, written as ""
  - ‘=’ also displays move number of the stone (if any) at that position
  - ‘C-u F’ adds the (abbreviated) blurb as a comment to the last node
  - new keybinding for ‘gnugo-undo-one-move’: M-u
  - you can play a move for GNU Go, e.g., after ‘M-u’
  - ‘gnugo-undo-one-move’ can optionally arrange for you to play next
  - new command: ‘S’ (gnugo-request-suggestion)
  - new command: ‘C’ (gnugo-comment)
  - new command: ‘o’ (gnugo-oops)
  - new command: ‘O’ (gnugo-okay)
  - new command: ‘L’ (gnugo-frolic-in-the-leaves)
  - new command: ‘C-c C-a’ (gnugo-assist-mode)
  - new command: ‘C-c C-z’ (gnugo-zombie-mode)
  - new var: gnugo-undo-reaction
  - new major mode: GNUGO Frolic (gnugo-frolic-mode)
    - separate feature/file: ‘gnugo-frolic’
    - ‘gnugo-frolic-in-the-leaves’ autoloaded
  - new support for dynamic XPM generation
    - separate feature/file: ‘gnugo-imgen’
    - func ‘gnugo-imgen-create-xpms’ suitable for ‘gnugo-xpms’ (see above)
  - GNUGO Board mode now derived from Special mode
  - position arg validated for direct GTP commands ‘undo’, ‘gg-undo’
  - undo commands no longer signal error on overkill
  - SGF prop ‘AP’ set only for modified gametrees
  - SGF I/O commands change ‘default-directory’
  - performance improvements
  - of interest to hackers (see source, BI => backward incompatible)
    - dropped var: ‘gnugo-inhibit-refresh’ (BI)