NonGNU-devel ELPA Packages

adoc-mode0.8.0snapshot0.20240218.103518a major-mode for editing AsciiDoc files
afternoon-theme0.1.0.20140104.185934Dark color theme with a deep blue background
alect-themes0.10.0.20211022.165129Configurable light, dark and black themes for Emacs 24 or later
ample-theme0. Dark Theme for Emacs
annotate2. files without changing them
anti-zenburn-theme2. Zenburn-inverted theme
anzu0.64.0.20240201.224751Show number of matches in mode-line while searching
apache-mode2. mode for editing Apache httpd configuration files
apropospriate-theme0. light & dark theme set for Emacs.
arduino-mode1. mode for editing Arduino code
auto-dim-other-buffers2. windows without focus less prominent
autothemer0. define themes
base321.0.0.20240203.215227Base32 support
bash-completion3. completion for the shell buffer
better-jumper1. jump list
bind-map1. personal keymaps in multiple locations
bison-mode0.4.0.20210527.1753Major mode for editing bison, yacc and lex files.
blow1.0.0.20221128.51815Blow away mode lighters
blueprint-ts-mode0. support for Blueprint files
boxquote2.3.0.20231216.85245Quote text with a semi-box
buttercup1.33.0.20231208.234628Behavior-Driven Emacs Lisp Testing
camera0.3.0.20230828.93723Take picture with your camera
caml4.10snapshot0.20231010.232819Caml mode for GNU Emacs
cdlatex4. input methods for LaTeX environments and math
cider1.14.0snapshot0.20240220.72100Clojure Interactive Development Environment that Rocks
clojure-mode5.19.0snapshot0.20240219.101219Major mode for Clojure code
clojure-ts-mode0. mode for Clojure code
coffee-mode0. mode for CoffeeScript code
corfu-terminal0.7.0.20230810.20636Corfu popup on terminal
crux0. Collection of Ridiculously Useful eXtensions
cyberpunk-theme1.22.0.20240112.144451Cyberpunk Color Theme
cycle-at-point0.1.0.20220507.111829Cycle (rotate) the thing under the cursor
d-mode202003130913.0.20240218.175353D Programming Language major mode for (X)Emacs
dart-mode1. mode for editing Dart files
denote-refs0. links and backlinks in Denote notes
devhelp1.0.0.20221128.51631Browse documentation in Devhelp format
devil0.7.0beta3.0.20240129.2809Minor mode for translating key sequences
diff-ansi0.2.0.20231221.5704Display diff's using alternative diffing tools
doc-show-inline0.1.0.20230808.134400Show doc-strings found in external files
dockerfile-mode1.7.0.20240219.130832Major mode for editing Docker's Dockerfiles
dracula-theme1. Theme
drupal-mode0. minor mode for Drupal development
eat0. A Terminal, in a region, in a buffer and in Eshell
edit-indirect0. regions in separate buffers
editorconfig0. Emacs Plugin
elixir-mode2. mode for editing Elixir files
elpher3. friendly gopher and gemini client
emacsql3.1.1.50snapshot0.20240206.185218High-level SQL database front-end
engine-mode2. and query search engines
evil1. vi layer
evil-anzu0.2.0.20220911.193944anzu for evil-mode
evil-args1.1.0.20240209.210417Motions and text objects for delimited arguments in Evil.
evil-escape3.16.0.20231122.211452Escape from anything with a customizable key sequence
evil-exchange0.41.0.20220111.55801Exchange text more easily within Evil
evil-goggles0. a visual hint to evil operations
evil-iedit-state1.3.0.20220219.93900Evil states to interface iedit mode.
evil-indent-plus1. textobjects based on indentation
evil-lisp-state8.2.0.20160403.224859An evil state to edit Lisp code
evil-matchit3. matchit ported to Evil
evil-nerd-commenter3. lines efficiently. Like Nerd Commenter in Vim
evil-numbers0.7.0.20230201.12520Increment/decrement numbers like in VIM
evil-surround1. surround.vim from Vim
evil-visual-mark-mode0. evil marks on buffer
evil-visualstar0. a * or # search from the visual selection
exec-path-from-shell2.1.0.20240216.160639Get environment variables such as $PATH from the shell
flx0. matching with good sorting
flx-ido0. integration for ido
flymake-guile0.5.0.20230905.194410Guile flymake backend
flymake-kondor0. with clj-kondo
flymake-popon0. diagnostics on cursor hover
focus1. the font color of text in surrounding sections
forth-mode0.2.0.20231206.112722Programming language mode for Forth
free-keys1.0.0.20211116.150106Show free keybindings for modkeys or prefixes
gc-buffers1.0.0.20221128.50935Kill garbage buffers automatically
geiser0.30.0.20240208.2636GNU Emacs and Scheme talk to each other
geiser-chez0.18.0.20230707.93440Chez and Geiser talk to each other
geiser-chibi0.17.0.20211204.193819Chibi Scheme's implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-chicken0.17.0.20220717.113055Chicken's implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-gambit0.'s implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-gauche0. scheme support for Geiser
geiser-guile0. and Geiser talk to each other
geiser-kawa0. scheme support for Geiser
geiser-mit0.15.0.20211204.193555MIT/GNU Scheme's implementation of the geiser protocols
geiser-racket0.16.0.20210421.12547Support for Racket in Geiser
geiser-stklos1.8.0.20231004.171345STklos Scheme implementation of the geiser protocols
git-commit3.3.0.50snapshot0.20240221.144510Edit Git commit messages
git-modes1. modes for editing Git configuration files
gnu-apl-mode1. mode for GNU APL
gnu-indent1.0.0.20221127.211255Indent your code with GNU Indent
gnuplot0. and interactive frontend for gnuplot
go-mode1. mode for the Go programming language
golden-ratio1. resizing of Emacs windows to the golden ratio
gotham-theme1. very dark Emacs color theme
goto-chg1. to last change
graphql-mode1. mode for editing GraphQL schemas
gruber-darker-theme0.7.0.20231026.203102Gruber Darker color theme for Emacs 24.
gruvbox-theme1. retro-groove colour theme for Emacs
guru-mode1.0.0.20211025.115715Become an Emacs guru
haml-mode3. mode for editing Haml files
haskell-mode17.5.0.20240116.171831A Haskell editing mode
haskell-tng-mode0. mode for editing Haskell
helm3. is an Emacs incremental and narrowing framework
helm-core3. files for Helm
highlight-parentheses2. surrounding parentheses
hl-block-mode0.2.0.20230521.230629Highlighting nested blocks
hl-column1.0.0.20221128.50752Highlight the current column
htmlize1.57.0.20240212.100109Convert buffer text and decorations to HTML.
hyperdrive0.4pre0.20240207.114916P2P filesystem
idle-highlight-mode1. the word the point is on
idris-mode1. mode for editing Idris code
iedit0. multiple regions in the same way simultaneously.
inf-clojure3. an external Clojure process in an Emacs buffer
inf-ruby2. a Ruby process in a buffer
inkpot-theme0.1.0.20220507.111829A port of vim's inkpot theme
iwindow1.1.0.20230920.203903Interactively manipulate windows
j-mode1. mode for editing J programs
jade-mode1. mode for editing .jade files
jinja2-mode0.3.0.20220117.80711A major mode for jinja2
julia-mode0.4.0.20230712.152457Major mode for editing Julia source code
keycast1. current command and its binding
kotlin-mode2. mode for kotlin
lorem-ipsum0.4.0.20221214.105746Insert dummy pseudo Latin text
lua-mode20221027.0.20231023.94721a major-mode for editing Lua scripts
macrostep0. macro expander
magit3.3.0.50snapshot0.20240221.144510A Git porcelain inside Emacs
magit-section3.3.0.50snapshot0.20240221.144510Sections for read-only buffers
markdown-mode2.7alpha0.20240107.83143Major mode for Markdown-formatted text
mastodon1. for fediverse services using the Mastodon API
material-theme2015.0.20210904.122621A Theme based on the colors of the Google Material Design
mentor0.5.0.20231009.93430Frontend for the rTorrent bittorrent client
meow1. Another modal editing
minibar0.3.0.20230414.114052Modular status bar in minibuffer
moe-theme1. colorful eye-candy theme. Moe, moe, kyun!
monokai-theme3. fruity color theme for Emacs.
mpv0. mpv for easy note-taking
multiple-cursors1. cursors for emacs.
nasm-mode1. x86 assembly major mode
nginx-mode1. mode for editing nginx config files
nix-mode1. mode for editing .nix files
oblivion-theme0.1.0.20231111.110049A port of GEdit oblivion theme
opam-switch-mode1.8snapshot0.20230802.91729Select OCaml opam switches via a menu
org-auto-tangle0. and Asynchronously tangles org files on save
org-contrib0. add-ons for Org-mode
org-drill2. using spaced repetition
org-journal2. simple org-mode based journaling mode
org-mime0. html export for text/html MIME emails
org-present0.1.0.20220806.144744Minimalist presentation minor-mode for Emacs org-mode.
org-superstar1. headings and plain lists in Org mode
org-tree-slide2. presentation tool for org-mode
orgit1. for Org links to Magit buffers
p4-16-mode0.3.0.20231118.161633Support for the P4_16 programming language
package-lint0.21.0.20240220.230330A linting library for elisp package authors
pacmacs0. for Emacs
page-break-lines0.15.0.20240206.115604Display ^L page breaks as tidy horizontal lines
paredit27beta0.20230110.131918minor mode for editing parentheses
parseclj1. parser
parseedn1. parser
pcmpl-args0. shell command completion
pcre2el1.12.0.20240220.73041regexp syntax converter
pdf-tools1. library for PDF documents
php-mode1. mode for editing PHP code
popon0.13.0.20230703.82713"Pop" floating text "on" a window
popup0. Popup User Interface
projectile2.9.0snapshot0.20240212.110040Manage and navigate projects in Emacs easily
proof-general4.6snapshot0.20240219.134745A generic Emacs interface for proof assistants
prop-menu0. and display a context menu based on text and overlay properties
racket-mode1.0.20240219.135847Racket editing, REPL, and more
rainbow-delimiters2. brackets according to their depth
raku-mode0. mode for editing Raku code
recomplete0.2.0.20230910.115420Immediately (re)complete actions
reformatter0.8.0.20240112.223344Define commands which run reformatters on the current buffer
request0. layer for URL request
rfc-mode1. document browser and viewer
rubocop0.7.0snapshot0.20210309.124149An Emacs interface for RuboCop
rust-mode1. major-mode for editing Rust source code
sass-mode3. mode for editing Sass files
scad-mode93.3.0.20240216.153611A major mode for editing OpenSCAD code
scala-mode0.23.0.20240113.174352Major mode for editing Scala
scroll-on-drag0.1.0.20230313.54616Interactive scrolling
scroll-on-jump0.2.0.20240206.110307Scroll when jumping to a new point
sesman0.3.3snapshot0.20240115.214354Generic Session Manager
shellcop0. info&error in shell-mode
slime2. Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
sly1. the Cat's Common Lisp IDE
smartparens1. insertion, wrapping and paredit-like navigation with user defined pairs.
solarized-theme2. Solarized color theme
spacemacs-theme0.2.0.20230530.175143Color theme with a dark and light versions.
spell-fu0.3.0.20230910.121039Fast & light spelling highlighter
sqlite30.17.0.20231124.132621Direct access to the core SQLite3 API
stylus-mode1. mode for editing .styl files
subatomic-theme1. contrast bluish color theme
subed1. major mode for editing subtitles
sweeprolog0. SWI-Prolog
swift-mode9. for Apple's Swift programming language
symbol-overlay4.1.0.20240203.135517Highlight symbols with keymap-enabled overlays
systemd1. mode for editing systemd units
tablist1.0.0.20200427.220558Extended tabulated-list-mode
tangotango-theme0. Palette color theme for Emacs 24.
telephone-line0.5.0.20240109.152108Rewrite of Powerline
testcover-mark-line0.3.0.20221128.191350Mark whole line with Testcover
textile-mode1. markup editing major mode
toc-org1.1.0.20230831.75249add table of contents to org-mode files (formerly, org-toc)
totp-auth1.0.0.20240203.215227RFC6238 TOTP
treeview1. generic tree navigation library
tuareg3.0.2snapshot0.20231009.174342OCaml mode
typescript-mode0.4.0.20230116.153319Major mode for editing typescript
ujelly-theme1. theme for GNU Emacs 24 (deftheme)
undo-fu0.5.0.20240204.122856Undo helper with redo
undo-fu-session0.6.0.20240204.121554Persistent undo, available between sessions
vc-fossil20230504.0.20230504.162626VC backend for the fossil sofware configuraiton management system
vcomplete2.0.0.20230227.132830Visual completions
visual-fill-column2. for visual-line-mode
web-mode17. mode for editing web templates
webpaste3. to pastebin-like services
wfnames1.1.0.20230924.153825Edit filenames
wgrep3. grep buffer
why-this2. is this line here? Ask version control
with-editor3. the Emacsclient as $EDITOR
with-simulated-input3.0.0.20210602.224623A macro to simulate user input non-interactively
workroom2. rooms for work without irrelevant distracting buffers
writegood-mode2. up poor writing on the fly
ws-butler0.6.0.20201117.102839Unobtrusively remove trailing whitespace.
xah-fly-keys24.21.20240220095736.0.20240220.95823ergonomic modal keybinding minor mode.
xkcd1.1.0.20220503.110939View xkcd from Emacs
xml-rpc1. elisp implementation of clientside XML-RPC
yaml-mode0. mode for editing YAML files
yasnippet-snippets1.0.0.20240221.162145Collection of yasnippet snippets
zenburn-theme2. low contrast color theme for Emacs.
zig-mode0. major mode for the Zig programming language