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Configurable light, dark and black themes for Emacs 24 or later
alect-themes- (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 140 KiB
Alex Kost <>
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To install this package from Emacs, use package-install or list-packages.

Full description

This package provides 6 highly customizable color themes (light, dark
and black) for GNU Emacs 24 or later.  These themes are intended to
be used with GUI, so only graphical terminals are supported by
default.  However you can "enable" the themes for other classes of
terminals with `alect-display-class' variable.

You can install the package from MELPA.  If you prefer the manual
installation, put these lines into your init-file:

  (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/alect-themes")
  (add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "/path/to/alect-themes")

If you also want to enable a theme on Emacs start, use this:

  (load-theme 'alect-light t)

Ways for configuring the themes:

1. Modifying color palette for the themes - by customizing
   `alect-colors' variable.  You may use `alect-generate-colors' to
   redefine the whole variable (see the code) or `alect-set-color' to
   modify specified colors.

2. Ignoring faces and variables.  You can force alect-themes not to
   modify some (or all) faces and variables with
   `alect-ignored-faces' and `alect-ignored-variables' variables.

3. Overriding face specification.  You can change the look of
   particular faces by setting `alect-overriding-faces' variable.

4. Above that, the inverted color themes (`alect-light-alt' and
   `alect-dark-alt') can be configured with
   `alect-inverted-color-regexp' variable.

For full description and some screenshots, see
All screenshots can be found at <>.

Old versions

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