Show number of matches in mode-line while searching
anzu- (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 70.0 KiB
Neil Okamoto <>
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anzu.el is an Emacs port of anzu.vim. anzu.el provides a minor mode which displays current match and total matches information in the mode-line in various search modes.

New Maintainer

This package has a new maintainer as of March 2020, and based on the valuable contribution of insights and fixes from the author, you should see issues from years past are now getting resolved. You may also see instability in the short term. Please bear with us!


Screencast of anzu.gif


  • Emacs 24 or higher
  • cl-lib 0.5 or higher (you don't need to install cl-lib if you use Emacs 24.3 or higher)


You can install anzu.el from MELPA with package.el

M-x package-install anzu

Basic Usage


Enable global anzu mode:

lisp (global-anzu-mode +1)


Enable anzu minor mode:

lisp (anzu-mode +1)


Same as query-replace except displays anzu information in the mode-line.


Same as query-replace-regexp except displays anzu information in the mode-line.

Screencast of anzu-query-replace-regexp

You can replace key bindings for the standard definitions of query-replace and query-replace-regexp with their anzu versions by adding this snippet to your configuration:

lisp (global-set-key [remap query-replace] 'anzu-query-replace) (global-set-key [remap query-replace-regexp] 'anzu-query-replace-regexp)


Works like anzu-query-replace except the from-string is the symbol at the cursor.


Works like anzu-query-replace-at-cursor except the replacement is constrained to the region specified by the variable anzu-replace-at-cursor-thing. See the variable's description in the customization section for additional details.

Be careful not to confuse this variable with the identically named function (see below).


Like anzu-query-replace-at-cursor-thing, but doesn't query for confirmation before making the substitution.

Be careful not to confuse this function with the identically named customization variable. See the discussion in the anzu-query-replace-at-cursor-thing section.

Screencast of anzu-replace-at-cursor-thing


The anzu version of isearch-query-replace.


The anzu version of isearch-query-replace-regexp.



Face of mode-line anzu information


Face of mode-line at no matching case


Face of from-string of replacement


Face of to-string of replacement


Function which constructs mode-line string. anzu.el puts its output to mode-line. It is called at searching, inputting replaced word, replacing. This must be non-nil.

The function takes 2 integer arguments, current position and total match number. You can get current-state from anzu--state('search, 'replace-query, replace).

```lisp (defun my/anzu-update-func (here total) (when anzu--state (let ((status (cl-case anzu--state (search (format "<%d/%d>" here total)) (replace-query (format "(%d Replaces)" total)) (replace (format "<%d/%d>" here total))))) (propertize status 'face 'anzu-mode-line))))

(custom-set-variables '(anzu-mode-line-update-function #'my/anzu-update-func)) ```

anzu-cons-mode-line-p(Default is t)

Set nil if you want to display anzu information at any position in mode-line. anzu.el cons search information head of mode-line as default.

For example, show search information tail of minor-mode-alist

lisp (setq anzu-cons-mode-line-p nil) (setcar (cdr (assq 'isearch-mode minor-mode-alist)) '(:eval (anzu--update-mode-line)))




Mode name in mode-line. Default is Anzu.

anzu-input-idle-delay(Default is 0.05)

Delay second of updating mode-line information when you input from-string


Commands which have regexp input. If the last command is a member of this list, anzu.el treats input as regular expression.

The default value is '(isearch-forward-regexp isearch-backward-regexp).

anzu-use-migemo(Default is nil)

Set to t if you use migemo.

anzu-search-threshold(Default is nil)

Threshold of searched words. If there are searched word more than this value, anzu.el stops to search and display total number like 1000+(as default). If this value is nil, anzu.el counts all words.


anzu-replace-threshold(Default is nil)

Threshold of replacement overlay. If this value is nil,

anzu-minimum-input-length(Default is 1)

Minimum input length to enable anzu. This parameter is useful for migemo users. Searching 1 or 2 characters with migemo is too heavy if buffer is so large. Please set 3 or higher if you frequently edit such file.

anzu-deactivate-region(Default is nil)

Deactivate region at anzu replace command if this value is non-nil. It is hard to see with anzu replace command when region is active.

anzu-replace-at-cursor-thing(Default is 'defun)

Describes the type of thing used by the anzu-*-thing functions. It can be set to any symbol that is a valid argument for the thing-at-point function, including e.g. defun, word, and page. See the documentation for thing-at-point for additional information.

anzu-replace-to-string-separator(Default is "")

Separator of to string.

Sample Configuration

```lisp (require 'anzu) (global-anzu-mode +1)

(set-face-attribute 'anzu-mode-line nil :foreground "yellow" :weight 'bold)

(custom-set-variables '(anzu-mode-lighter "") '(anzu-deactivate-region t) '(anzu-search-threshold 1000) '(anzu-replace-threshold 50) '(anzu-replace-to-string-separator " => "))

(define-key isearch-mode-map [remap isearch-query-replace] #'anzu-isearch-query-replace) (define-key isearch-mode-map [remap isearch-query-replace-regexp] #'anzu-isearch-query-replace-regexp) ```

Old versions

anzu- KiB


Revision history for anzu.el

Revision 0.64 2020/12/02 nokamoto
   - default anzu-search-threshold and anzu-replace-threshold is 1000 (#113)
   - support non-contiguous regions like rectangle region (#115)

Revision 0.62 2016/08/18 syohex
   - Don't search over bounds(#80)
   - Correct variable type attribute(#76 Thanks Matus Goljer)

Revision 0.61 2016/06/17 syohex
   - Don't overwrite user's case-fold-search(#75)
   - Implement anzu's isearch-query-replace commands(#72)

Revision 0.60 2016/01/31 syohex
   - Add replacement threshold(#66)
   - Refactoring code

Revision 0.59 2015/10/15 syohex
   - Fix replacement around region issue(#63 Thanks akicho8)

Revision 0.58 2015/10/09 syohex
   - Fix byte-compile warning(#63 Thanks tarsius)

Revision 0.57 2015/09/29 syohex
   - Fix about migemo exception(#62 Reported by kosh04)

Revision 0.56 2015/09/13 syohex
   - Fix literal replacement issue(#60 Thanks kosh04)

Revision 0.55 2015/09/11 syohex
   - anzu--status declare as buffer local variable

Revision 0.54 2015/08/03 syohex
   - Correct removed hook function name. This makes anzu information is shown if anzu-mode
     is disabled.

Revision 0.53 2015/05/18 syohex
   - Fix raising invalid regexp error issue(Thanks kosh04)
   - Valid replaced regular expression in regexp replace commands

Revision 0.52 2015/02/22 syohex
   - Fix default input issue(Reported by pronobis)

Revision 0.51 2015/02/18 syohex
   - Improve new history feature of Emacs 25
     (This feature works on both Emacs 24 and 25)

Revision 0.50 2015/02/11 syohex
   - Fix Emacs 24 issue(Reported by LefterisJP)
     Can't use both anzu replace commands and builtin replacements commands

Revision 0.49 2015/02/04 syohex
   - Fix zero width replacement causes infinite loop issue(Reported by proofit404)

Revision 0.48 2015/01/28 syohex
   - Fix case when expression(,(...)) cannot be compiled.

Revision 0.47 2015/01/21 syohex
   - Fix displaying wrong current position in replacement commands

Revision 0.46 2015/01/10 syohex
   - Refactoring for evil-anzu

Revision 0.45 2015/01/09 syohex
   - Disable blink-matching-paren in replace commands

Revision 0.44 2014/12/16 syohex
   - Improve replacement commands
     - show case sensitive replacement text
   - Fix storing replacement history format issue
     - We could not use anzu replace commands with normal replacement
       commands such as query-replace etc.

Revision 0.43 2014/11/30 syohex
   - Re-factoring for using migemo variable(Thanks lunaryorn)

Revision 0.42 2014/11/28 syohex
   - Replacement by case sensitive for at-cursor commands

Revision 0.41 2014/10/06 syohex
   - Improve checking whether using migemo

Revision 0.40 2014/10/03 syohex
   - Fix replace command bug when using '^' or 'no' command

Revision 0.39 2014/09/19 syohex
   - Fix bug case when bounds-of-thing-at-point returns nil

Revision 0.38 2014/09/06 syohex
   - Improve replace command suggested by DamienCassou

Revision 0.37 2014/08/27 syohex
   - Fix for isearch toggle commands and symbol search
   - Improve mode line in replacing commands

Revision 0.36 2014/07/04 syohex
   - Implement replacement only specified lines

Revision 0.35 2014/04/23 syohex
   - Change function name for maintenance

Revision 0.34 2014/03/28 syohex
   - Fix replacement issue
     Reported by purcell.

Revision 0.33 2014/03/19 syohex
   - Fix byte compile warnings for Emacs 24.3

Revision 0.32 2014/03/08 syohex
   - Specify Emacs version

Revision 0.31 2014/03/07 syohex
   - Enable lexical-binding
   - Update requirement cl-lib.el version

Revision 0.30 2014/02/02 syohex
   - Fix wrong prompt issue

Revision 0.29 2014/02/02 syohex
   - Add no query replace command
   - Use cl-lib instead of cl.el

Revision 0.28 2014/01/29 syohex
   - Fix ignore case issue

Revision 0.27 2014/01/27 syohex
   - Fix non prefix issue

Revision 0.26 2014/01/16 syohex
   - Fix #13 issue
     Reported by fukamachi

Revision 0.25 2014/01/16 syohex