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A presentation tool for org-mode
org-tree-slide- (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 90.0 KiB
Takaaki ISHIKAWA <takaxpatieeedotorg>
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Full description

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Figure 1: An example demo of org-tree-slide

1. 1. What's this?

The main purpose of this elisp is to handle each tree in an org buffer as a slide by simple narrowing. This emacs lisp is a minor mode for Emacs Org-mode.

Main features:

  • Live editable presentation
  • Fast switching of narrowing/widen
  • TODO pursuit with narrowing
  • Displaying the current number of slides in mode line
  • CONTENT view during a presentation
  • Slide-in effect
  • Slide header from org file's header
  • Countdown timer

1.1. 1-1. Related packages

There are various packages to make a presentation with org-mode. See For more simple use, presentation.el may suitable.

2. 2. Install

  1. Put this elisp into your load-path
  2. Add (require 'org-tree-slide) in your .emacs


  1. Eval: (auto-install-from-url "") (for auto-install users)
  2. Add (require 'org-tree-slide) in your .emacs

Then open an org file, just type C-< and C->, which means C-M-, and C-M-., you can see a presentation will begin with a header, slide-in effect, and slide number in mode line.

It is recommended to change the keybindings to make your presentation smoothly. Here is an example.

(with-eval-after-load "org-tree-slide"
  (define-key org-tree-slide-mode-map (kbd "<f9>") 'org-tree-slide-move-previous-tree)
  (define-key org-tree-slide-mode-map (kbd "<f10>") 'org-tree-slide-move-next-tree)

2.1. 2.1 el-get recipe

If you are an el-get user, just do

M-x el-get-install RET org-tree-slide

2.2. 2.2 MELPA

Now, you can install `org-tree-slide' via MELPA.

2.3. 2.2 Requirements

  • Org-mode 6.33x or higher version is required.
  • This elisp doesn't require any additional packages.
  • Emacs 25.2 or later is required. But users of Emacs 25.1 or earlier (at least 24.4) can still use this package. Please load org-tree-slide-compt.el before activating org-tree-slide.el.

2.4. 2.3 additional package (moom.el)

Normally, presentations will appear in full screen or frame maximized. moom is useful in such cases since the package can change frame position and size by keyboard and the font size will be increased suitably for your presentation.

3. 3. Recommended settings

Assigning a single key to org-tree-slide-mode is recommended.

(global-set-key (kbd "<f8>") 'org-tree-slide-mode)
(global-set-key (kbd "S-<f8>") 'org-tree-slide-skip-done-toggle)


(define-key org-mode-map (kbd "<f8>") 'org-tree-slide-mode)
(define-key org-mode-map (kbd "S-<f8>") 'org-tree-slide-skip-done-toggle)

4. 4. Profiles

Three useful profiles are available. Please select a profile that is the most suitable for your using scenario.

If you select simple profile, call the following command while org-tree-slide-mode is ON.

M-x org-tree-slide-simple-profile

If you want to use this setting as the default, put the following configuration including recommended settings into your .emacs.

(when (require 'org-tree-slide nil t)
  (global-set-key (kbd "<f8>") 'org-tree-slide-mode)
  (global-set-key (kbd "S-<f8>") 'org-tree-slide-skip-done-toggle)

org-tree-slide-presentation-profile and org-tree-slide-narrowing-control-profile are also available.

4.1. 4-1. `Simple'

This profile will display trees in your org buffer by simple narrowing. You can change trees without widen command. Most of the visual effect is disabled.

Type M-x org-tree-slide-simple-profile while org-tree-slide-mode is ON.

  1. No header display
  2. No slide-in effect
  3. The cursor will move to the head of the buffer when exit
  4. No slide number display in mode line
  5. Display every type of tree except org-comment-string (e.g. COMMENT)

4.2. 4-2. `Presentation'

This profile is the default setting of org-tree-slide. If an org buffer includes #+title:, #+email:, and #+author:, org-tree-slide attempts to use those variables in the slide header. A date in the header will be set with the presentation of the day. You can enjoy a slide-in effect, the current slide number in mode line.

If you want to show the content of your presentation, type C-x s c or M-x org-tree-slide-content. All of the headings will be shown in a buffer like a Table Of Content except some headings configured as skipping by org-tree-slide-skip-outline-level. Find a heading that you want to show, and type C->, the presentation will be resumed.

It is possible to skip slides when a heading level is higher than or equal to a value of org-tree-slide-skip-outline-level. see User variables.

To exit a presentation, set org-tree-slide-mode OFF. The cursor move to the head of the buffer and the trees will be rendered according to the value of #+startup: if possible.

M-x org-tree-slide-presentation-profile

  1. Display header
  2. Enable slide-in effect
  3. The cursor will move to the head of buffer when exit
  4. Display slide number in mode line
  5. Display every type of tree except org-comment-string (e.g. COMMENT)

4.3. 4-3. `TODO Pursuit with narrowing'

This profile will display trees restricted to TODO status without a header and slide-in effect. It is very useful to concentrate your focus on the current TODO item that is not done, and go to the next task by typing of C->. This is "TODO Pursuit with narrowing". If you want to track every kind of tree including finished items, toggle M-x org-tree-slide-skip-done-toggle OFF.

When you exit org-tree-slide-mode, the cursor will keep the same position, it is therefore possible to focus again by toggle M-x org-tree-slide-mode.

If you feel the cursor moving is very slow, please change a value of org-tree-slide-modeline-display to 'outside or nil.

M-x org-tree-slide-narrowing-control-profile

  1. No header display
  2. No slide-in effect
  3. The cursor will keep the same position when exit
  4. Display slide number in mode line
  5. Display TODO trees only except org-comment-string (e.g. COMMENT)

5. 5. User variables

Table 1: User variables
  Variable Default value Select
1 org-tree-slide-skip-outline-level 0 Numeric
2 org-tree-slide-header t Boolean
3 org-tree-slide-slide-in-effect t Boolean
4 org-tree-slide-cursor-init t Boolean
5 org-tree-slide-slide-in-blank-lines 10 Numeric
6 org-tree-slide-slide-in-waiting 0.02 Float
7 org-tree-slide-heading-emphasis nil Boolean
8 org-tree-slide-never-touch-face nil Boolean
9 org-tree-slide-skip-done nil Boolean
10 org-tree-slide-skip-comments t [*1]
11 org-tree-slide-activate-message Hello… String
12 org-tree-slide-deactivate-message Quit, Bye! String
13 org-tree-slide-modeline-display 'outside [*2]
14 org-tree-slide-fold-subtrees-skipped t Boolean
15 org-tree-slide-breadcrumbs " > " String
16 org-tree-slide-breadcrumbs-hide-todo-state t Boolean
17 org-tree-slide-indicator plist [*3]

[*1] { nil | t | 'inherit } t: skip only the current heading with COMMENT, child headings without COMMENT will be shown, 'inherit: skip headings with COMMENT and its child headings, nil: show even if it has COMMENT. (note) org-tree-slide-skip-comments-toggle will switch between t and nil normally, but if org-tree-slide-skip-comments is specified as 'inherit, then the toggle will switch between 'inherit and t.

[*2] { nil | 'lighter | 'outside } 'outside: shown in the mode line outside of lighter, 'lighter: shown in lighter (slow), nil: nothing to be shown.

[*3] '(:next " Next >>" :previous "<< Previous" :content "<< CONTENT >>") If you prefer to show nothing for entering content mode, then specify as '(:next " Next >>" :previous "<< Previous" :content nil)

5.1. 5-1. Useful settings for experts

If you like this elisp, the following setting is more useful. Try it!

In this case, <f8> / <f9> / <f10> / <f11> are assigned in order to control org-tree-slide.

(when (require 'org-tree-slide nil t)
  (global-set-key (kbd "<f8>") 'org-tree-slide-mode)
  (global-set-key (kbd "S-<f8>") 'org-tree-slide-skip-done-toggle)
  (define-key org-tree-slide-mode-map (kbd "<f9>")
  (define-key org-tree-slide-mode-map (kbd "<f10>")
  (define-key org-tree-slide-mode-map (kbd "<f11>")
  (setq org-tree-slide-skip-outline-level 4)
  (setq org-tree-slide-skip-comments 'inherit)
  (setq org-tree-slide-skip-done nil))

6. 6. Functions

6.1. Control functions

  • org-tree-slide-move-next-tree (C->)
  • org-tree-slide-move-previous-tree (C-<)
  • org-tree-slide-content (C-x s c)

6.2. Startup options

These functions will toggle org-tree-slide-mode ON, automatically.

  • org-tree-slide-without-init-play
  • org-tree-slide-play-with-timer

6.3. Toggle variables

  • org-tree-slide-display-header-toggle
  • org-tree-slide-slide-in-effect-toggle
  • org-tree-slide-skip-done-toggle
  • org-tree-slide-skip-comments-toggle
  • org-tree-slide-heading-emphasis-toggle

6.4. Batch setting of user variables

  • org-tree-slide-simple-profile
  • org-tree-slide-presentation-profile
  • org-tree-slide-narrowing-control-profile

6.5. Hooks

  • org-tree-slide-play-hook
  • org-tree-slide-stop-hook
  • org-tree-slide-before-narrow-hook
  • org-tree-slide-after-narrow-hook
  • org-tree-slide-before-move-next-hook
  • org-tree-slide-before-move-previous-hook

NOTE: For senior user, some hook were renamed, please update your configurations

7. 7. Additional settings

7.1. Hide org-meta-line

The following code could be useful if you want to make #+ lines invisible during presentation.

(with-eval-after-load "org-tree-slide"
  (defvar my-hide-org-meta-line-p nil)
  (defun my-hide-org-meta-line ()
    (setq my-hide-org-meta-line-p t)
    (set-face-attribute 'org-meta-line nil
					  :foreground (face-attribute 'default :background)))
  (defun my-show-org-meta-line ()
    (setq my-hide-org-meta-line-p nil)
    (set-face-attribute 'org-meta-line nil :foreground nil))

  (defun my-toggle-org-meta-line ()
    (if my-hide-org-meta-line-p
	      (my-show-org-meta-line) (my-hide-org-meta-line)))

  (add-hook 'org-tree-slide-play-hook #'my-hide-org-meta-line)
  (add-hook 'org-tree-slide-stop-hook #'my-show-org-meta-line))

8. 8. History

see also ChangeLog for details

Version Date Description
v2.8.0 2015-02-20@21:27 Changed Keymap, and renamed/added hooks
v2.7.0 2013-07-21@05:21 Support buffers without headings
v2.6.0 2012-11-21@02:14 Support dark color theme
v2.5.0 2011-12-12@18:16 Remove auto-play function (TBD)
v2.4.0 2011-12-08@10:51 Support TODO pursuit in a slideshow
v2.3.0 2011-12-07@16:17 Support displaying a slide number
v2.2.0 2011-12-07@02:15 Support minor mode
v2.0.0 2011-12-01@17:41 Add profiles and support org 6.33x
v1.0.0 2011-09-28@20:59 Release the initial version

9. 9. Contact

The author is Takaaki ISHIKAWA ( Feel free to email me or use a mention of twitter (@takaxp)

10. 10. Videos

We can watch some videos that kindly introduce org-tree-slide.el:

Thank you!

Old versions

org-tree-slide- KiB
org-tree-slide- KiB
org-tree-slide- KiB
org-tree-slide- KiB
org-tree-slide- KiB
org-tree-slide- KiB


2023-03-05  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: This package requires Emacs 25.2 or later
	- outline-hide-subtree, outlineshow-children, and outline-show-subtree are NOT defined in outline.el contained in Emacs 25.1 or earlier
	- Users of Emacs 25.1 or earlier can still use org-tree-slide.el by loading org-tree-slide-compt.el before activating org-tree-slide.el.

2023-02-23  Lukas Zumvorde  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Prevent warning messages during native compilation
	Add line breaks to docstrings to shorten them to <80 characters per line
	Replace deprecated function calls with their new equivalents
	- hide-subtree -> outline-hide-subtree
	- show-children -> outline-show-children
	- show-subtree -> outline-show-subtree
	require face-remap file explicitly to ensure face-remap-remove-relative is loaded
	Add missing type definition to defcustom of org-subtree-slide-heading-level-{1,2,3,4}

2020-06-11  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Depends on emacs 24.3
	Replace org-tree-slide--narrowing-p with buffer-narrowed-p.

2020-06-05  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el (org-tree-slide-indicator): New plist to control showing messages in mini buffer

2020-01-14  Norman Walsh  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Add support for date header (#31)

2019-07-30  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el (org-tree-slide-content--pos): Rename

2019-06-30  Boruch Baum  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el (org-tree-slide-content): Toggle back to slide
	presentation, to exact position where you left off.
	(org-tree-slide-content--pos): New variable to support this feature.

2018-11-26  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Extract header colors from default face of frame
	- the implementation of `org-tree-slide-header-overlay-face' is updated so that user don't need to set the variable explicitly. In case user customized theme is updated after loading this package, an appropriate function for updating the face spec should be run in `org-tree-slide-play-hook'. For instance,
	  (defun my-reload-header-face ()
        (face-spec-set 'org-tree-slide-header-overlay-face
                 `((t (:bold t :foreground ,(face-foreground 'default)
                               :background ,(face-background 'default))))))
      (add-hook 'org-tree-slide-play-hook #'my-reload-header-face)

2018-09-06  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Support additional	heading faces (#28)
	- outline-1 and outline-4 can be also emphasized.

2017-11-30  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Added a hook for CONTENT viewing mode

2016-05-14  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Merged breadcrumbs feature (#23) (by Matus)
	- org-tree-slide-breadcrumbs is added to show breadcrumbs in the header

2015-12-23  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Added Version header

	* org-tree-slide.el: Added a tag for Melpa Stable

2015-08-14  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: 'COMMENT'-subtree will be hidden (by Stefano)
	- org-tree-slide--show-subtree is added
	- Subtrees that start with 'COMMENT' will be hidden during presentation even though org-tree-slide-fold-subtrees-skipped is nil
	Thanks to Stefano BENNATI

2015-08-09  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Added a flag to reveal subtrees to be skipped
	- org-tree-slide-fold-subtrees-skipped is added
	- The original idea was proposed by bennati (
	- org-tree-slide--heading-level-skip-p was revised so that the status can be checked by providing an arbitrary level number.

2015-02-27  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Hide org-clock related code
	- To reduce loading time, org-clock related code was hidden.

2015-02-20  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

	* org-tree-slide.el: Default keymap was changed
	- Due to many reports on conflicting key binding, `<left>' and `<right>', these keymap changed to `C->' and `C-<'.