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Create and display a context menu based on text and overlay properties
prop-menu- (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 20.0 KiB
David Christiansen <>
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Full description

1. Pop-up menus based on text properties

This is a library for computing context menus based on text properties and overlays. The intended use is to have tools that annotate source code and others that use these annotations, without requiring a direct coupling between them, but maintaining discoverability.

Major modes that wish to use this library should first define an appropriate value for prop-menu-item-functions. Then, they should bind prop-menu-by-completing-read to an appropriate key. Optionally, a mouse pop-up can be added by binding prop-menu-show-menu to a mouse event.

For example, the following value for prop-menu-item-functions creates a popup menu that will describe faces that are set in either text or overlay properties:

(setq-local prop-menu-item-functions
	    (list (lambda (plist)
		    (let ((face (plist-get plist 'face)))
		      (when face
			(list (list "Describe face" (lambda ()
						      (describe-face face)))))))))

Note that this setting requires lexical scope.

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