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RFC document browser and viewer
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Nicolas Martyanoff <>
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The rfc-mode Emacs major mode is a browser and reader for RFC documents.


The package should be installed from MELPA.

Start by loading the mode:

elisp (require 'rfc-mode)

Then set the location containing all RFC documents (the default value is the rfc directory in the home directory):

elisp (setq rfc-mode-directory (expand-file-name "~/rfc/"))

RFC documents and their index will be directly downloaded from when required. Alternatively, the entire RFC collection can be downloadeded from to ensure full access without the need for an internet connection.

Call rfc-mode-browse to choose a RFC document to read, or rfc-mode-read to enter the reference of the RFC document yourself.



Helm-based browser




If you have an idea or a question, email me at

Old versions

rfc-mode- 270 KiB
rfc-mode- 270 KiB
rfc-mode- 270 KiB
rfc-mode- 270 KiB
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1. Next Version

Work in progress.

2. 1.4.2

2.1. Bugs

  • Fix footer highlighting.

3. 1.4.1

3.1. Bugs

  • Fix page-based navigation (thanks to Matthew Woodcraft for reporting the issue) on Emacs 29.
  • Fix major-mode auto-detection for rfc-mode buffers.

4. 1.4.0

I should have released minor versions for bug fixes, but it seems everyone is using the master branch from MELPA, and so am I. So major only it is. I will release a minor version if a severe issue is found of course.

4.1. Features

  • rfc-mode-read now supports a numeric prefix argument, so you can simply type C-u 1 2 3 4 M-x rfc-mode-read to read RFC number 1234. Also, if you call rfc-mode-read when point is on a number, you will be offered that number as default. Thanks to Daniel Martín.
  • rfc-mode-goto-section now makes sure the title of the section is at the top of the page, avoiding annoying edge cases where a section is at the end of a page (thanks to Štěpán Němec).

4.2. Misc

  • Make the dependency on Helm optional (thanks to Jonas Bernoulli).
  • Code cleaning and simplifications (thanks to Stefan Monnier, Jonas Bernoulli and Basil L. Contovounesios).

5. 1.3.0

This release improves navigation and introduce section detection, thanks to Daniel Martín.

5.1. Features

  • imenu integration. If you use a graphical user interface, the menu bar will show a new menu, "RFC Contents", with links to the different parts of an RFC document.
  • RFC links can now be navigated using the mouse, or by pressing <Tab>~/~<S-Tab>.
  • Pressing g in a rfc-mode buffer lets you navigate to an RFC section by name.
  • You can navigate to previous and next RFC sections by pressing p and n, respectively.

5.2. Misc

  • Derive rfc-mode from special-mode.
  • Make rfc-mode-read display the document in a separate window, without switching buffers. This follows the typical Emacs convention for displaying help buffers, like help-mode or man-mode follow.

6. 1.2.0

This new release is driven by suggestions from Stefan Monnier and some issues which were open on Github. Thanks everyone!

6.1. Features

  • Let the module load without Helm since some features can be used without it.
  • Auto load rfc-mode-read.
  • Improved accuracy for section title detection.
  • Offer the possibility to keep original buffer names with rfc-mode-use-original-buffer-names.

6.2. Fixes

  • Compute the index path dynamically so that rfc-mode-directory can be modified after the module has been loaded.

6.3. Misc

  • Follow Emacs conventions in docstrings.
  • Derive rfc-mode from text-mode.
  • Use expand-file-name instead of concat.

7. 1.1.1

7.1. Features

  • Automatically download missing files.

8. 1.1.0

8.1. Fixes

  • Require missing modules.
  • Fix invalid escape sequence.

8.2. Misc

  • Make some functions private.

9. 1.0.1

9.0.1. Fixes
  • Various fixes for checkdoc.

10. 1.0.0

First public version.

10.1. Features

  • Helm-based RFC browser.
  • RFC document reader with highlighting.