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Major mode for editing Idris code
idris-mode-1.1.0.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 370 KiB
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Full description

This is an Emacs mode for editing Idris code. It requires the latest
version of Idris, and some features may rely on the latest Git version of

Old versions

idris-mode-0.9.18.tar.lz2021-Aug-2957.1 KiB



This file documents the user-interface changes in idris-mode, starting with release 0.9.19.


  • New customisation settings:
    • idris-displat-words-of-encouragement toggles showing words of encouragement.
    • idris-completion-via-compiler toggles use of the Idris compiler to provide completion.
    • Tab in the repl still uses completion-at-point.
  • Improvements to testing harness, with support for testing against Idris2.
  • Migration of CI from Travis to GitHub Actions
    • Deprecation of older emacs for testing.
  • More support for IDE Protocol Version2 (i.e. Idris2).
  • Upstream changes as contributed to the Idris2-Mode on idris-community.
    • Improvements to Makefile
    • Changes to semantic faces


  • Idris mode has been brought uptodate with Idris1
  • Basic navigation commands added
  • Fix regular expression when matching on .ipkg extensions
  • Prevent completion-error when identifier is at beginning of buffer
  • Internal code changes
  • Better development testing with travis
  • C-u C-c C-l flags the buffer as dirty
  • Add images back into the repl
  • Disable the Idris event log by default
  • When Idris returns no proof search, do not delete the metavas
  • Remove references to idris-event-buffer-name when idris-log-events is nil
  • Fix idris-simple-indent-backtab
  • Give operator chars "." syntax and improve idris-thing-at-point
  • Conditional semantic faces for light/dark backgrounds
  • General fix ups
  • Document a way of reducing excessive frames

2016 Feb 29

  • It is possible to customize what happens to the focus of the current window when the type checking is performed and type errors are detected, now the user can choose between two options: 1) the current window stays focused or 2) the focus goes to the *idris-notes* buffer. The true or false value of the variable idris-stay-in-current-window-on-compiler-error controls this behaviour.


  • The variable idris-packages has been renamed to idris-load-packages. If you have this as a file variable, please rename it.
  • The faces idris-quasiquotation-face and idris-antiquotation-face have been added, for compiler-supported highlighting of quotations. They are, by default, without properties, but they can be customized if desired.
  • Active terms can now be right-clicked. The old "show term widgets" command is no longer necessary, and will be removed in an upcoming release.
  • The case split command can be run on a hole, causing it to be filled with a prototype for a case split expression. Case-splitting a pattern variable has the same effect as before.
  • There is support for the interactive elaborator, which may replace the interactive prover in a future release. To use this, set idris-enable-elab-prover to non-nil.