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"Pop" floating text "on" a window
popon-0.13.tar (.sig), 2024-Mar-31, 80.0 KiB
Akib Azmain Turja <>
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Full description

Popon allows you to pop text on a window, what we call a popon. Popons are window-local and sticky, they don't move while scrolling, and they even don't go away when switching buffer, but you can bind a popon to a specific buffer to only show on that buffer.

If some popons are annoying you and you can't kill them, do M-x popon-kill-all to kill all popons.

1. Installation

1.1. Package

Install from NonGNU ELPA.

1.2. Quelpa

(quelpa '(popon :fetcher git
		:url ""))

1.3. Straight.el

 '(popon :type git :repo ""))

1.4. Manual

Download popon.el and put it in your load-path.

2. Usage

The main entry point is popon-create, which creates a popon and returns that. Use popon-kill to kill it. Popons are immutable, you can't modify them. Most of time you'll want to place the popon at certain point of buffer; call popon-x-y-at-pos with the point and use the return value as the coordinates. Be sure see the docstring of each function, they describe the best.

Old versions

popon-0.12.tar.lz2022-Nov-1617.6 KiB
popon-0.11.tar.lz2022-Oct-2517.6 KiB
popon-0.10.tar.lz2022-Oct-1017.6 KiB
popon-0.9.tar.lz2022-Jul-2717.3 KiB
popon-0.8.tar.lz2022-Jul-2617.2 KiB
popon-0.7.tar.lz2022-Jun-2716.9 KiB
popon-0.6.tar.lz2022-Jun-2716.9 KiB
popon-0.5.tar.lz2022-Jun-2416.6 KiB
popon-0.4.tar.lz2022-Jun-0516.5 KiB
popon-0.3.tar.lz2022-May-2816.5 KiB
popon-0.1.tar.lz2022-May-224.85 KiB